Why is my Castle Bespoke Floor like a good friend?

Posted by Terry Brandsen on Mar 18, 2020 11:31:08 AM

Terry Brandsen

Like a true friend, your Castle Bespoke Floor is willing to change to keep you happy...Naturally.

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Your Castle Bespoke Floor will most likely last for the next 120 years, or possibly even longer, so we feel that it is important that your floor can change with the trends.

This is why all of our products have an amazing wear layer.   (Wear layer refers to the amount of solid wood above the tongue and groove structure on a wood floor plank).  Our Country Club and Parkway collections can  be re-sanded approximately 5 times.  


And even though you may


the color of your Castle Bespoke Floor today, in 25 years you (or your children) might be ready for a change. 


With a Castle Bespoke Floor, you can totally change the color when the floor is re-sanded.  Once the floor is sanded to bare wood, the European white oak is a blank canvas which can be stained/oiled/finished in any custom color.

Today, in our throw-away world, we feel that there are WAY too many cheap, throw away flooring products on the market.  Products with paper-thin wear layers, plastic look-alikes, or products boasting 50 year surface finishes that have been coated or infused with some toxic mystery coating in a factory in China.


Which is why we make natural, hand-oiled, life-long lasting, wide plank floors.  We source sustainable harvested wood,  we employ best practices that eliminate waste, we use natural zero VOC finishes, and we do not purchase any of our flooring product from anti-American, communist countries (such as China), or countries using child labor.





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