Why not China?

Posted by Terry Brandsen on Jul 9, 2020 3:21:38 PM

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Why not China?

We are conscious about the environment here at Castle Bespoke, and with the history of some of the flooring products coming out of China having high levels of formaldehyde in them, and the illegal harvesting that we have heard about, we made a conscious decision to deal with Europe and America when we manufacture Castle Bespoke Flooring.

There is an interesting read on 60mins with a look into Lumber Liquidators on this topic.

In recent times, it has become more apparent that human rights are still not being upheld in China. This article from Forbes, outlines some of the terrible practices of forced labor that is still taking place in China today. 

We have visited the mills that we buy from in Europe multiple times, and are bringing over FSC certified lumber (Forest Stewardship Council ) so we can continue to offer you a beautiful European White Oak and know that its being responsibly harvested and replanted for the next generations.

As a 4th generation woodfloor company we are committed to making sure our family will be able to work in this industry for years to come.

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