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The programming on HGTV has us all wanting to remodel and DIY. Best-selling books like The Home Edit and shows like Tidying Up have us wanting to sort, clean, and organize. But there is something debilitating about actually starting and trying to figure out what to do with our own home. You don’t have to be an expert to declutter and tidy up. Below you will find some steps to get you started and have you feeling like a pro in no time.



Make a Plan

There are hundreds of methods out there on how to organize, declutter, and clean. There is no one method that fits all. However, all of them start out by implementing a plan and taking it step by step. Before you dive in, start by writing out your plan. Write down each area of your home that needs a little TLC and organize them by priority. Don’t forget the more overlooked areas, such as the attic, garage, basement, and laundry room.



Clean as You Go

Whether you conquer your home by category, area, or room, make sure to tackle the whole thing and clean as you go. Most people don’t have endless energy and attention to conquer the whole house in one day. However, tackling a category, area, or space from top to bottom—and not needing to go back—is rewarding and can encourage you to keep going. A clean and tidy home is a reward in and of itself, but you can also make it fun by doing some of the following:

  • Listening to music
  • Planning a fun outing for when you’re done
  • Buying some new decor or clothes to refresh the space you just organized and cleaned
  • Adding some sweet treats



Be Creative With Storage

Everything in your home should have a place to go in order to prevent clutter, piles, and disorganization. Hanging shoe racks can be used to store shoes, toys, cleaning supplies, or knickknacks, while simultaneously utilizing the vertical space on doors. Pegboards mounted on a wall are perfect for sorting paper, hanging art, and providing a space to add baskets; they’re also a wonderful place to hang small items like keys. Furthermore, storage bins and baskets are a perfect resource to add some pizzazz to a room, but they are also functional to hide away blankets, toys, and games. Moreover, storage ottomans provide a place to lounge, extra seating, and storage for items you either don’t want seen or don’t use every day.



Free Yourself From Clutter

As we go through life, we pick up small and big things—namely, stuff. But not everything is attached to a memory. The stuff accumulates, and there’s a good amount of it we don’t necessarily need. Throughout your organizing and cleaning process, free your home and spirit from items you don’t use or need. For gently used items, consider donating them. For items that have significant wear and tear, with little purpose, toss them.

So that you don’t let your stuff accumulate again, establish a few healthy decluttering habits. For instance:

  • Any time you purchase something new, donate one item you don’t use often.
  • Set up a routine schedule to go through the “keep, toss, give” cycle.
  • Set up no-spend months (the perk of this habit is that you also will save money that you can spend on a wonderful trip or home renovation).
  • Set up systems for managing incoming mail/paper, sorting clothes at the end of the day, and clearing surfaces.

You don’t have to be a tidying expert to live a clutter-free life in a clean home. As with most things, establishing a plan will set you up for success. Identify the areas that need your attention, prioritize them, and conquer them one at a time. If you clean as you go, use creative storage techniques, and organize the clutter, the next thing you know your humble home will be your tidy oasis.



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